!help! 'writers Block' Jamming On 1 Looped Pattern

I’ve got writers block again :rolleyes: Y’know - you open up renoise thinking “i’m going to complete a tune today” and then i just throw all these ideas down, these beats and grooves - then I end up saving it never to go back on it. How do you complete tunes? :angry: is it to do with me? or is it renoise’s fault? lol

Experiencing the same thing at the moment.
Actually, it’s been going on for two months now.

What I do then, is pick up writing again. I think it
important to keep creative juices flowing, one way
or the other.

Or try a co-op? Been trying to get that ball rolling, too.

Have a couple years break. Worked for me :wink:

A few things that ive found help me…

Write a song… or write the music for some lyrics someone else has written.
A song already has some sort of structure by default. Unless its avant garde. And Avante guard fans shouldnt be in the general discusion section anyway. (oooonly joking).

Listen to some other tunes… write down the songs arraangement… intro… verse1…chorus… etc outro etc… and then copy the arrangement structure

When jamming, first clone the pattern a few times.
Record what your doing…
Jam on another pattern, record that too.

Or… do a remix of a tune you like. When finished… remove copyrighted loops youve used, and replace those parts with your own. And hope no one notices any similarities.

Love this idea, gonna try that! Fanx :)

  • copy your song file
  • open it up in renoise
  • delete the pattern… keep the instruments and DSP chains
  • go listen to other music for an hour
  • come back, attempt to reprogram the same song without cheating and looking back at the first version
  • rinse
  • repeat as many times as you like
  • merge the results, optionally with filler in between

Also, check these out: http://music.hyperreal.org/artists/brian_e…ue/oblique.html

other kinds of music, I would add

here’s few things I do when I get stuck;

write a song in a genre you wouldn’t usually bother with (with the exception of country & western)
try and capture in music what you experienced that day
write a song using a completely different pattern each time with no repitition
listen to some death or black metal and try and do nice happy version of it

or my favourite at the moment

sample a kids nursery rhyme cd, chop the lyrics up randomly and re-arrange them overlaid in a dub-reggae or breakbeat style, stupid but fun

inspiration really can’t be forced, you can help it a little by not setting such high standards on what your finished ‘masterpiece’ :wink: should sound like.

Maybe if you take a step back, and listen to one of the gazillion ideas, pieces will eventually fall into place. I have/had the exact same problem for years and it helps me to go back into music mode when I’m actually enjoying the process. When the ‘play’ aspect in creation has the upper hand above the ‘plan’.

Things can get boring quickly, when it becomes laborious work to realize your ideas (like cutting up samples, getting lost in editing). If you’re feeling the attention span drop, evaluate what you are doing/ what is causing this fatigue and make notes. Maybe you can improve the process by becoming more aware of what you do.

when you made a pattern that just loops and loops.

i more or less do music in the same way that i first learned it on the C64.

  1. copy the pattern
  2. add extra / replace stuff
  3. copy pattern

after a few copies, some flow will come by itself, and you get more ideas

also it helps to jam on a synth for a few hours, to get ideas, maybe even compose a whole tune.

and let a single sound ‘talk’ to you, let it tell you how it is best used.
ideas come from that.
use the sound in the most ‘logical’ way (your feelings tell you what that is)

2001-2005 i hardly made anything, but then i was just filled with ideas, and went back into the game.

I think the main problem you have now is the lack of inspiration. I’ve learned not just to sit and start composing a song. I don’t compose without being inspired or at least impressed by something, otherwise it would end up a mess.

This also results in long time periods between my tracks, but at least they all satisfy myself. :)

My method is to clone the first pattern composed and then i alter it. Next I clone the fist two and alter those etc. Don’t stick too long with one pattern. All the ideas you are experimenting with can be used later in your track.

How about opening up Renoise, turning down the volume all the way, and start composing.
Go on, until you can’t resist the temptation to give it a listen (you might want to choose some sounds at this point :wink:

Set some deliberate constrains on what you do. For instance, I’ve often found it rewarding working with only two samples: a sine wave and white noise. When you strive to get the most out of the limited resources you have, you generate ideas that might not come otherwise. And it’s fresh ideas that anyone in a creative block needs.