I won to buy renoise 1.281 but cant find where is that “BUY NOW” on order page. Can anybody help me?


IF you’re a prophet you shouldn’t have any problems with that :D.

OK, it’s near the bottom of the page. It’s pic-button so be sure you have pictures enabled in your browser.

you probably have set a direct link to this board, so you dont see the whole framework.

It’s not hard to find.


EDIT:oh… pulsar has an answer even prophet couldn’t see! hail pulsar!


this one had me rolling!

when you visit this forum using the address as your entry point you will notice that the board page is beeing executed within a frameset. the upper are will remain all the time at the same place regardless how far you scroll the middle/bottom section down. it is possible to set a bookmark to the lower section - in this case this forum - without the menu above, in that case you would never see the order menu, so you would not be able to get to the oder page.

but as it seems to me, this is not your problem here, you just cant see that button… well. i see several possible roots of this issue here:

a ) your eyes are closed ;)
b ) your monitor is turned off :ph34r:
c ) your shades are way too dark B)
d ) you are using some kind of an adblocker :P

seriously, d) seems to be your problem if you ask me. many popup / ad blockers trigger on specific image sizes AND on specific filenames, like banner.jpg/gif or buy.gif/jpg. our nice buy me now button is labeled “buynow.gif” so the possibility to be blocked is very high here… i am going to rename that button right after this posting, so you can verify if it is still missing (it shouldnt be).

And if you dont care why you dont see it, here is the link of the buy now button.

Has anyone else the same problem ? This is a little bit scaring and we should fix this if possible.

we appreciate that, but there is still the mystery of that missing button. can you give me some comments about my previous post ? well, not that joke part of course. i would really want to know what behind this hidden button point & click adventure :D

You should use Mozilla Firefox anyway, because IE is worst browser ever. Or then original Mozilla at same pages, but I would recommend Firefox.

nah, IE with the slimbrowser addon rocks.

IE’s only perk is that it has become the standard and all web content is geared towards it (which only happened because Microsloth packaged it with windoze). it’s got the largest security holes. Firefox has built in pop-up stopping and tabbed browsing (which rocks, and Opera, Konqueror and Mozilla have it). f**** MS and f**** Internet Distorter.

Did you see this?

:P ddspeed

Prophet:No prob. It’s always as fun to help prophets out.

You could also just make a normal text link underneath it, or somewhere… then you are guaranteed success

indeed… fix

ah, one more thing. please dont turn this thread into a browser war. been there seen that. we dont need it here, really.