Helpful Experiential Advice

I have discovered;

(That) ReNoise rewards simplicity. It does such a splendid job of accentuating the individual sounds, that it forces you to avoid compensating for the deficits in a song, by loading up lots of extra sounds and effects. Renoise is teaching me to be a more honest and sincere song writer. :guitar:


Try the other way around, do a LOT of effort on a very small piece (i.e. 1 pattern 64 notes), or try set a limit of 10 minutes to compose something :)
Try to make it a race against time to get different results…

Keep up the good work :)

That’s a good thing to do acctually , The only way to do this would be to be spontanious , which in my opinion is key in writting music.

Good boy. Yeah, you are right. Renoise (well, trackers) are the only way to make programmed music. It is an instrument in its own right. You PLAY Renoise, you dont use it.