Helping with development

Hi there,

I just want to offer my help in next versions development. I can do for you:

  • Bug- and performance testing on macos 10.13.4, 10.13.6, 10.12.6
  • Do coding research jobs, browsing forums for answers etc.
  • DSP testing
  • Conceptual ideas, work and refinement
  • Stay confidential



This is some dope idea @ffxp we can do this and I can offer too:

  • List itemMy awesome DOOFER - sklillz!
  • List itemAlso a few of good ideas (not as much as @ffx)

@ffx awesome idea!

I can contribute however i can, tho i’m not programmer but a devops engineer using various tools if something is needed, anytime!

Oh, I meant more like hardcore alpha testing and researching API stuff and so on. I know this can take a lot of time, e.g. finding some Apple specific details about OS/API changes.

Cool idea! here is what I can do:

  • offer press photo’s with my mobile photostudio (I’m a photographer).
  • Promote Renoise on social media (I am Dutch)
  • Find sponsors or setup additional funds (i.e. kickstarter like) for development.
  • Design artwork for commercials / ads.
  • Motivate everyone and everything to help the greatest tracker of all times :wink: