Helvetikone - Bubble Hum

Experimental Electronica something, release a short while ago. I have done more stuff in between but rarely finished songs or never released them.

More info on digital-gadget.de

Some selected full length previews are available on Virb/Helvetikone. There are also some older songs.

For sure not everybody’s style (there is no style), but some of you might be curious what I do with Renoise, if something at all. Final polishing was done by mr dollin.

Of course all done with Renoise - what else?

Some nice teky minimal stuff here, with some junk feel. “Nothing” is a personal favourite.


I just listened Krohm, very nice. I hooked immideately…and Next, I like it. Both of them, very much. Funky stuff, unique…have to check out more…and yes, reality was…

thanks for sharing cos its caring, cAMEL

ps. my finnish friend told me that helvetikone means directly translated from fin-eng hellmachine



Does the word Helvetikone have anything to do with finnish “Helvetin kone” or is it just a funny co-incidence?

I was just looking for a word that doesn’t exist yet, so “Helvetin kone” is just a co-incidence. And the taktik stuff on the digital-front page is something like 10 years old: “Taktik” is a project I do with another guy…

Roughly translated its “A machine from hell”, not so bad sounding title for a band eh :wink:

congrats with the release!

i really like the sound of this! :walkman:
do i hear some Orbital & FSOL inspired material in here? love that stuff.

will order this week.

When Listening to the music I would say that even if Taktik didn’t intend it to mean that then someone did. Let’s call it the FINGER OF FATE! :D

There is something dark and hellish in the music for sure.

Thanks for the comments. Looks like I’ve scared some of you with this ;)

I have no clue as to what mmd has done to the sound, but this album sounds awesome on PA speakers!!!

Yeh man, Dig it. :drummer:


When I saw that you were posting about your own music, I had no particular expectations, but let’s say that this is beyond my expectations!!

Awesome! I love the sound textures and great non conventional rhythms!

Very good!

I bought the CD a couple of weeks ago and I really dig it, some tracks more than other… I will show it to some friends to check what they think about it.

Good work!

The more I listen to this CD, the more I like it. It happened the same when I listened Burial CDs.

glitches are good!
bleeps and atmospherics are top notch.
interesting non-repetative patterns (shame the streaming happened to be so unstable during my listening)