Her Final

Title: Her Final

Type: Orchestral
Play Length: about 7,5 minutes

This song was also entirely done using Renoise:

The piano plays the theme, after that other instruments join.
Later on it goes back to the theme again.

Edirol (Orchestral) and strings from a psr yamaha keyboard.

Listen and (hopefully :wink: enjoy:


This is not the type of music I would normally listen to. In fact it sounds like it’s been made to soundtrack some horrific fifteen year old TV movie. It’s competently done, however, although some of the string sounds don’t sound very convincing. Some of them begin a bit abruptly. I think they need to fade in more.

i like it.

Women tend to love it. Always. :wink:

Nice. i like it alot
one question… why use renoise and not something like cubase or logic?