Hercules Rmx Vs Numark Omni Control...

Hello ppl

I am in the serious thinking about getting one of those two most popular DJ consoles here at the end of this month, and now I am in the research about which one to buy?

On the one side there is “Hercules DJ Console RMX” and on the other side is latest “Numark Omni Control”.

Both are ~350 EUROs [here in Belgrade] while there is another one that came out 2 [or more] years ago: “Numark Total Control”. It is ~250 EUR but… as a designer :} I think Numark Omni Control looks best as laptop equipment for live acts…

But from one DJ I got suggestion that some stuff is not possible to do with Omni Control and he praises his Total Control… On the other hand, on the internet Hercules RMX looks best. I have tried it - it is fantastic. It comes with very nice bag [that should cost ~100 euros if bought separately] and Virtual DJ program.

Other two comes with Traktor.

Searching various forums, most ppl say Traktor’s interface is pretty complicated to use while Virtual DJ is easiest and [based on what I have seen and tried this evening] - V DJ really works awesome with Hercules…

If you have some experience with this - plz let me/us know ASAP :)

p.s. this is very interesting web site: http://www.decks.co.uk/ where I’ve found lots of interesting reading.

Hercules DJ Console RMX SUCKS ASS. Don’t get it. It’s inaccurate, slow, feels very cheap and is way too expensive for what it can do. I had one, sold it two days later.

Hm what does it mean - slow? Slow response? Isn’t it up to slower PC? How is Numark in comparsion?

Yeah BotB’s right , most of the people i know with Hercules DJ Console don’t like it and it looks and feels really tacky .

I’ve heard very good things about this though http://kontrolprodj.com/content/view/3/11/ .

Hmmm… I have no idea. According to this link:


it got 5 stars and there is lots of happy users with Hercules [5 stars]. Numark Omni got just 4 stars… Also DJ from the shop praises it a lot too… KotrolProDJ does not have to seem any marks on the net… Just infos… Anyway I will dig about it more :) Tnx for your comments.

I suggest you try the thing before you buy it. My guess is there are no okay alternatives, but that doesn’t make it any better. And besides that, if it’s exactly what you need then go for it. But if you ask my opinion as a user and owner: you’re better off buying a decent midicontroller.

i’ve got a Numark total control and feels great

I suggest to go for the Omni Control if you want a nice controller + a good audio interface

Sometimes it’s better spend some more but have reliable equipment…


ah finally :) Thanks for your info! Anyway, here goes now one of biggest problem:

Seller [also a DJ] from other shop here in Belgrade said that best one is actually Total Control, as, for example, it has possibility to cut a beat at what ever you want speed while Omni Control looks better, has soundcard built in BUT can NOT loop parts of the sample / song faster than 1/4 [afaik pressing button you can loop 4/4, 3/4, 2/4 and 1/4 speed, and that seems a big limit?

On the other side, in other shop, Hercules can play lots of more effects and loops at any speed using VirtualDJ that looks much more user friendly and has more effects [playing samples on F-keys for example] than Traktor…

What do you think? How good works Numark models with VirtualDJ?

p.s. ahh I found this on VirtualDJ web site:

“Numark CUE is the same as VirtualDJ, but sold under the Numark brand.
The two products are essentially the same. The only difference is the distribution channels: VirtualDJ can only be bought online, while Numark CUE can only be bought in DJ stores.”

Great then :)

i think that the most important part of a controller is the quality components

I don’t know well about the Omni control looping speed problems (???) but i can tell that as long as you have the controller working, you can remap every knob or button to the function you want to control

I really believe that what you can map on a Total Control is the same you can map on an Omnicontrol if you are using the same program…

I’d go for an Omnicontrol - you will bring just one piece of equipment with your laptop when you’ll have the set

head over to djtechtools or djforums, if you want to find people with experience in the dj controller/inferface department. personally i would avoid either choice, and get a vci-100 plus audio interface or two eks xp10s (on sale for 99 euro each) and an traditional dj mixer to do the mixing on.

for messing around the house, used a single eks xp-5 to control virtual dj, with an external mixer and the presonus firebox for a sound card. never had a single problem with that combo now that i think of it. i mapped the jogwheel to have different uses, like scroll through playlists, change gains, etc with the use of modifiers. when you mix out of the box you need for midi knobs faders switches drops drammtically and you can get by with less. plug an additional audio source into mixer and if something happens to the computers you can switch to that on the mixer quick. mixers fail alot less often then computers. you could always use an external mixer with say a vci-100, and then have the mixer controls mapped to something else, like in the case of vDJ maybe stuff for video djing.

the buttons on the xp-10 feel cheap but the jogwheel is big and smooth. look at the jogwheels on the vci-100 or the xp-10 compared to the RMX.

good luck.

Thank you a lot! I just saw yesterday VCi-100 and it costs here 430 euros. It looks even more professional and I will definitely see in next few days what to get :)

So - new DJ tool in the game: vci-100 dj midi controller!

Thank you guys!

howz about DIY. Check out TRAKTORIZER


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