Here Are Some

Edit: Hopefully this has worked…

I’ve finally managed to upload my music onto the forum.
Let me know what you think,
The songs are listed under
Progressive Electronica:
CUDDLEPUDDLE -…ePuddle_vbr.m3u
LAARDK -…/Laardk_vbr.m3u
I M BUTTERS -…Butters_vbr.m3u
SHUTPUNT -…hutpunt_vbr.m3u
TALISSMAN -…lissman_vbr.m3u
NOLAYE(WADB) -…ayewadb_vbr.m3u

Have a listen and lemme know what you think of them, especially cuddle puddle, as it doesnt really follow a set song path and talissman, as its white.

The links are broken!


did you sample aphex for cuddlepuddle logic? really liked all the different bits, but couldn’t follow why they were stuck together, couldn’t follow the story.
all your songs have awesome melodies, cool beats, nice sounds! will be listening to them more often

No, i didn’t sample him, i cant bring myself to do that, seems so wrong. I suppose that’s what samples are though, in that sense i have no idea where they came from.
All sounds are treated with effects though so as to be unique.
Glad you like them, which one did you like specifically?

NOLAYE has way too much reverb, have you maxed all reverbs? Otherwise I kinda like it

NOT ENOUGH RAVE!!! … or funk for that matter. But other than that, great chops! … thoroughly enjoyed … keep it up ;)

… as for the comment about reverb, it is a bit heavy at times, but you manage it very well. I’m actually somewhat amazed at your use of reverb. Congrats on that! May I take lessons? :wub:

… my personal favorite is Nolaye, btw

there’s certain drummy bits at the start of cuddlepuddle which my ear-memory said were parts of DrukQs, 54 cymrubeats or ziggomatic. That’s why I asked.

I think I like the stuff going on in cuddlepuddle the best

Thanks very much, that was actually one of the first tunes i wrote in Renoise, cramped into the back of a van.
There’s alot of use of raw samples. It’s funny that’s your favourite, as it took the least effort.
That’s always the way thought i suppose, its the simplest ones that write themselves that are the best.
Cheers for the all the positive feedback. Glad you like it.

nice work Moss!! interesting stuff indeed.

I’m a huge fan of minimalism … even in detailed music. I’ve noticed that the IDM/breakcore artists I like all keep their songs restricted to very basic themes. If you can strip a song down to one track, and its melody/rhythm has still got you moving, anticipating more, then you’ve got a good song on the go. James Brown has it right… it’s all about the funk ;)

Don’t get me wrong, i love funk. It’s all about grooves and rhythm.
I’m a strong believer in the fact that, no matter how simple the melody or chords are, if the rhythm is interesting and flows well enough, it doesn’t matter.
Simple beats always work well under an acid pattern though. Making the loop 12 notes long means it will add variation to the rhythm on its own just by starting again on the 4th beat (as opposed to the 1st if it was set to a 16 note pattern), shifting the loop along to new rhythms.
What did you think of Laardk, that is probably my weirdest track other than cuddle puddle.
IM BUTTERS is the favourite track I’ve ever written though.

Thanks very much!

That was my favorite as well. Cant even tell why, it just was :)

Cheers man, its good to finally get some feedback.
Sites like myspace etc don’t really encourage it, its more a space to represent and promote yourself, even when leaving comments.
I’m glad i finally got round to uploading the tunes and hearing what you guys think.

Just realised how ridiculously geeky that was…proper cringeworthy
heres another track… - BUM PARADE - gameboy wrong’n…e/BumParade.mp3

and another… - KERFEW - Triphop Flab…/Kerfew_vbr.m3u

and another… - MY RANT - Mental Genre Collective…Rant/MyRant.mp3

naah man it’s OK.
I’m enjoying the melodic bits in Bum Parade with the subtler drums.

These are real good, you’ve got a lot of variety, but still a definite style.
Real nice.

Thankyou very much! Which song did you like best?

Laardk kicks ass!