Here's a song that may be left unfinished for a while (Updated)

EDIT : I’ve gone and surprised myself and pretty much finished the song now, thanks largely to the encouragement of listeners on this forum. I’ll retain the original post - but I’ll post the demo a little further down the chain, while this post will now host the finished version. The second part of the demo is slightly different if you’re interested.

Thank you so much for the support, everyone :blush:

Original Post :

First off, congrats to Renoise team for releasing 3.2 :slight_smile: looking forward to laterally applying all the nice new features :wink:

Second, I’ve been in an acute mental ward for a couple of weeks and put this together from bits of old song and me singing ‘clever man’ into my laptop mic. I’m just wondering what people think now, as it’s going to take a lot of work to finish (for soooo many reasons… vocals recorded with 3 different mics, really subtle variations in bass patch and kit and fx make a huge difference, difficult to find a cohesive balance, etc)… I’ve got a second part lined up but want to get the first part right first.

I’ve done a few iterations since this version, none of them sound as good, no idea why.

For now it’s called ‘Post Sleep Dreaming’
…but I might end up just calling it ‘Clever Man’.

If there’s enough interest I’ll post some private updated versions for people to listen to later on.


Good track and nice sounding! I can hear a lot of sound work on it. I especialy like how you play with the diversity of sounds and fx used and voices recorded, keep it up.

However have a good healing rest and take care!

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This is great music,really different.It has you in it your personal touch and it shows.Something that most music producers dont get these days and they just copy each other.Please post the other versions or any kind of your tracks

Thanks for listening. I’ve been resting… I’m just about ready to make the leap again from zombie to human. I’ll upload some more when the stars align again and I manage a big chunk of work. I think I am going to ‘change’ the bouncy happy second part, as it kind of lowers the tone of the rest of the song I feel…

Yeah, this is original stuff. I particularly like the tonal elements, the dissonances and the vocals. Do you use plugins for the vocal manipulations or is it all Renoise?

I use a fairly understated but powerful plugin called Kerovee for vocal tuning / formant shifting, and then a lot of eq balancing (which never works because I don’t have a balanced system). I’ve been using FabFilter plugins a lot for the miscellaneous work. EQ, compressor, reverbs etc. I think I’m lucky in I have quite a nice sounding voice, even if I’m not always in tune, so harmonies often sound pleasing.

Anyway, here’s an update. The second part of the song is quite different now. I guess if you’ve heard the original version, it’s different enough that it’ll be interesting to compare with the original. It’s still not quite finished but sooner or later I’ll run out of steam, haha :slight_smile:

Edit : I’ve finished the song now, it’s not too different from the version I posted here


In most cases sequels of any kind are below average but this one, my god you nailed it!!!

Thanks, seriously :smile: always nice to know it’s appreciated by more than just me haha.

Anyway, the song is finished now, I updated the op.
Here’s the demo again for comparison :

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