here's mine

there should be a panningslider in the ‘sample properties’, together with the ‘amplify’ and ‘finetuning’ sliders.
useful if using several samples in one track.

possibility to record ‘automation’ directly into one track’s effectcolumn! :)
by that i mean to first draw the movements in the ‘automation’-window, and then, for example press a button to make renoise convert these movements into the active track’s effectcolumn in the active pattern.

would be very useful with a ‘make-dir’ and ‘rename’-button in the ‘disk-op’.

should be a keyboard shortcut/assignment-possibility for track-‘mute/solo/unmuteall’. doubleclicking isn’t that accurate.

should also be a ‘convert to mono’ button in the sampleeditor,
so you won’t have to use an external wave-editor.

possibility to manually type in/edit fadervalues for all sliders in renoise,
just like you made it possible with the parameters for vst-plugins.

isn’t ‘octave 3’ a more approriate default setting when starting a new song, rather than ‘octave 4’? i think the letter ‘Q’ is the most natural keyboard-letter for the real c-note/original sample-note.

allow more than 19 characters for samples in the instrumentbank.
it seems like there’s room for about 25-30 char., depending on caps/numbers. when i load samples with more than 19 char., the last letters dissapear. unhandy if these letters or numbers are important for the filename’s recognition. for example; “chunky deephouse bass 012”

the newly implemented ‘lfo-device’:
i’ve been having problems finding this useful, because when you turn it on,
it starts moving even if the song or pattern isn’t playing! this means that it starts (most likely) at a different value each time you play the song or pattern… and this is hopeless if you want to create for example a rhythmical volume-pump-effect. could something be done here?

a notepad within the ‘songproperties’ would be nice. this notepad should also have unlimited rows, so you can work on lyrics, ascii-art and other kinds of notes.
or; maybe a classic, optional popup window that introduces a song when
loading it, where you can store song information such as artist, title, year, and so on. maybe even a space for graphics, for example 400x400 pixels, where you can place a jpeg-coverdesign file…?
but if none of these songprop-ideas are good, i suggest you allow more characters in the ‘title’ and ‘produced by’ fields within the already existing ‘songproperties’, they’re way too short if you want to include remix/version/featuring/etc.-names with your song.

and what about making the textfield where you choose track dsp’s & vst-plugins wider? there aren’t much room for long plugin-names there.

  • that’s all for now!


the lfo-device MUST be active when the song is not playing, because this way you can test it by simply jazzing on your keyboard.

Anyway, quoting taktik:

so you can put this command at the beginning of the song or wherever you need it.

i told taktik about that one for ages… and i still thinks renoise need that one!

btw, i remembered one more suggestion, make “humanize” (randomize parameter a bit each time the sample start play) buttons for amp, pan (i hope it will be soon), and finetunning. would be nice.

no, what i mean is;
first draw the movements in the ‘automation’-window, and then, for example press a button to make renoise convert these movements into the active track’s effectcolumn in the active pattern.

in short; preprogram the automation for the current track & pattern in the ‘automation’-dedicated window, and
then make renoise do the recording job! i would love this feature - much
more accurate slidermovements…

btw, the lfo device now works great with the y600-code!


hahaha…ok, just forget what i said about this… :rolleyes:

this morning i suddenly, by accident, realised that this feature already is implemented, and probably has been since day one…
of some strange reason i have all this time thought that different automation-curves for different patterns (but on same track) has been impossible… don’t ask me why, but now things become a little bit easier… haha :D i love it!!