Here's the new album, more than just synthwave. But also synthwave

Enjoy and as always feedback welcome :grinning:


This sounds good. :slight_smile:

I like the dynamic feeling of Carpentry especialy after the break at 2’06.

Members Only has a pleasant soft ambiance, this is chill and keep the synth vibes.

I especialy like Dayglo, you’ve make a nice melody, seems simple but this make feel me gently melancholic.

To make some constructive suggestion maybe Me And My Delorean could have more stronger lead melodies.

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Thanks for the feedback :smiley:

Of course I gotta write something here when the word Synthwave occurs in an album title. :wink:
Altogether I would say you have some nice approaches here, it just has to be worked out here and there. My favorite of your album is Big Hair, which is the most complete track of the whole album in my opinion. It’s not really Synthwave and sounds more like a Cracktune from the good old days, but the overall composition fits together and the balance is good. Carpentry for me is the second best track, finally you’re using a synthbass, which is the most important thing in the Synthwave style. The track also reminds me a little of the flight tune in GTA V, which is a great track. Put a synthbass in Me And My Delorean instead of the little messy “bassline” and the track is twice as good as now. That’s what I miss the most in these tracks, there is no or not enough bass. I can imagine what your intentions were while creating these tracks in the way you’ve created them, but a better balance and sound structure by using some bass would be fine if you ask me. But of course this is not a Synthwave album, it’s more than Synthwave, and that’s what it really is. So keep it up, just a few tweaks here and there and your sound will be much improved. At this point I have to mention that Skintight is in relation to the bass the best on your album, and I also like the composition. But it’s also absolutely not Synthwave, it’s way more than that. I would consider it to be some weird jazzy Electronica, which is good. :wink:

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