Hexidecimal values

Hi, what about an option that show hex value not only for line number in pattern but for any number related to pattern, like lfo speed, sample sync lenght,…

good idea but, turn your caps lock off, turns the whole forum bloodred of shame. :P


Okay, let’s at least make an effort not to derail the thread early. This is indeed a good idea.

Funny how you’ve got a 4 star, +5 thread for this idea yet when I posted the same one some time back it was voted 1 star and -3 (negative voting of posts has since been disabled.)

That is pretty much over two years ago now.
People can change opinions, the forum userbase can grow with more likeminded folks.
So perhaps bumping more of your own old suggestion topics would also get you some stars.

You take me too seriously man ;)

but at least the thread linked does have some relevant discussion on the matter.

With bumping i meant:Bumping your head to see those stars :P