Me and my girlfriend found this video on a ps3 service called vidzone.
I found this and many other hexstatic videos very amusing and interesting.
They are using lots of older technologys for audio and video, I would very much like to see them live.
If anyone could post similar videos on this thread I would find that most amazing, thanks.

Hexstatic are a A/V side project of the coldcut/DJ Food/Ninjatune family. Look up “Stylophone”

is that the video with the stylophone, tb303 and tr909. if it is I have seen that one already, I was more fishing for people to post simmilar or like minded videos by various different arists. Thanks though

I didn’t knew they wrote retro-demos with crappy polygon counts :P

I love the video for “Timber”. Great music too.

When I was listening to Hexstatic I was listening to The Books and Flashbulb quite a bit, but their styles aren’t really related.

[center]KUTIMAN - Thru-You

Totally Rockin’ Stufff!!!

:yeah: :yeah: :yeah: :yeah: :yeah:[/center]

these kind of projects i also find great to see. I’m not too fond of the song though, anybody knows a similar idea with a more interesting song?