Hey, End.user Uses Renoise!

Maybe you guys already know it, but for me it was a big surprise to see this picture in his myspace foto album:


My favorite breakcore & DnB producer uses my favorite tracker, isn’t it cool? :)

yeah. a lot of ppl chose renoise b/c it’s what venetian snares uses, but i chose renoise b/c it’s what enduser uses. anyone who pumps out tracks that fast must be using something efficient.

i saw him in chicago like a yr and a half ago

Yeah, I knew about VS, but I like only a small subset of his music in contrast to my fav - End.user. That’s why I was so impressed finding out that he also uses Renoise :).

looks like we’re on the same page with that.

you should check out xanopticon. he’s just as good, but it’s not even worth comparing him to enduser b/c he’s from a planet of his own.

i’m of course referring to xanopticon when i say he’s from his own planet. the shit is unreal. i bring him up b/c i wonder what he uses…

Enduser… yesssss… hosting him this weekend in Rotterdam :D

I know him, not so good though, but I’ll pay some attention to his stuff, thanks for the recomendation.

Does he also use Renoise? :)

What exactly do you mean with you will hosting him ?! Do you know him personally ? :blink: :dribble:

no idea. maybe renoise or octamed or something. but probably some sort of alien technology.

Well, imho Renoise is a greate tool if you want to do a really complex music, when you need a good granularity + a lot of overlapping FXs, etc., etc… However, if I would make only rock music on my PC I would never take a look to Renoise, because free software programs like Ardour + Audacity + Hydrogen would be really sufficient for such kind of music… So that’s my the explanation, why Renoise is mostly used by breakcore poducers ;).

I surely don’t want to fight with you about it, that’s the reason, why I used the abbreviation “imho” :) . It is just my point of view about the current situation with Renoise and styles other than idm/breakcore. Ok, probably my comment was out of place here :).

Not really no… a friend of mine kinda does, with whom I organise those parties.
Though after saturday, I will know him personally :P

I played with him some time ago, he used Ableton on stage.

But yes, he is using renoise.

here is it

Well, Toxic Coma, the Velvet Acid Christ sideproject is made in Renoise… also, I’ve heard rumor that Combichrist and Autechre also use it ;)

Yes, Autechre using trackers. But not sure what kind of.

Also DAT Politics used Fasttracker2. And many many others.

Its a strange state, musicians who become semi or full famous always hiding info about their production apps. Its a some kind of stupid shame if u r using a tracker. U always must tell u r on Logic or Cubase and so on.

I heard a nice story. One guy from Russia wrote some dnb tracks in FLstudio and send them to a big jungle record label in UK. They accepted them and released them. Later the owner of this UK label changed and this guy from russian sent more new tracks to a new label owner. The owner asked the russian guy what he used to record this dnb tracks, and russian guy told him it was FLstudio. So the owner said dat he dont work with musicians who is writing in FL and other toy apps and asked him to rewrite them in Cubase. The russian guy just sent him the same tracks but he mentioned dat he re-wrote them in Cubase and the UK label owner accepted them and released.

I forgot to mention dat the russian guy sent the same FLstudio tracks to UK label owner. lol