Hey Keith303

I’ve been a huge fan of your music throughout the years. I think I first discovered your tracks around 1995. Always some cool stuff coming from you…

Enough of the hero worship… :lol:

Why have you picked Renoise over a similar program such as Buzz? I got started with Scream Tracker, then Impulse Tracker, then I moved to Buzz when that came out…

I’m really going to check out Renoise. From what I’ve seen so far, it looks sweet…except for that Fast Tracker interface… :o

Buzz is dead…Renoise works on the Mac and it has most of the things that make Buzz neat(VST, midi, multiple outs, etc).

Anyone else please respond if you’d like. Thanks for reading my post!

Hi there,

I don’t know about keith303 but I know why I chose Renoise after many experiments with other software.
I don’t know what you dislike on the ‘fast tracker’ interface, but I think this interface is one of the main reasons I chose Renoise.

the lay-out is very handy (no loose windows, I hate that)

and you said it yourself ‘‘VST, midi, multiple outs, etc’’ it’s all in there.

I think the best thing to do is simply test Renoise, and see for yourself if it is your software.

it’s mine, my preciousss…


hi vecorarray,

first of all, glad to hear you appreciate my musical doings. always good to know that one doesn’t write music solely for oneself.

i guess everybody on these forums can easily answer the question why he/she(?) picked renoise in favor of anything else available host-wise.
personally, i got tired of FT2 and its limitations due early 2000. it really felt obsolete, especially when hearing various musical pieces from other (ex-) trackers who moved to different platforms - most of’em i knew jumped on the buzz-bandwagon.

so the most evident step for me was to give buzz a try as well - so i did and struggled one or two weeks with the really clumsy and cumbersome GUI of buzz… i just couldn’t get the hang of it and writing music “worked” after a while, but just didn’t bring me any joy or fun and that’s what hobbies should be all about - so i skipped buzz.
next up was madtracker2:
wrote a few choons with it, had a pleasant learning curve (GUI was pretty similar to FT2), but afterall the additional features (no softsynths, only a handfull of basic DSP effects) just didn’t suffice to keep me going.
then i tried cubase, logic audio, orion platinum and whatever other software is kind of reputable to some extend… but they all just didn’t suit me - most commonly because of their GUI which happened to be VERY user unfriendly and lacked the straight forwardness i was longing for.
being pretty frustrated due mid2000, i stopped writing music and dedicated the time to other, non-music related things.

in early 2003 i found out about a new tracker-based software called renoise. i downloaded the demo version and played around with it and wow - i really loved it after the first hour was elapsed.
the interface didn’t look like a typical windows-application (hate that), it was all clearly arranged and there were no loose windows, which i, just as dr. drips, hate about other apps.
it featured support for VST and VSTi and the best of it was, that it really worked decently together with these.
so for me, the main reasons for why i chose renoise were and still are:

  • clear, comprehensive, straight-forward GUI (unbeaten)
  • VST effect and instrument support
    and something i realized lateron…
  • an absolutely outstanding support by the developers, who care about user opinions, suggestions and are always anxious to fix reported bugs asap.

i’m not too sure about what’s going on with buzz nowadays, but afaik it also features vst support + automation, a modular machine / effect setup and tracker-like sequencing machines.
so if you’re already accustomed with the interface and enjoy writing music with that - why bother to change?

and why is buzz dead? isn’t it even open-source?


I don’t know if it stopped here or not. If it’s truly dead, maybe BUZZle is its Rebirth, announced to go public on Xmas '05.

EDIT: Oo, oo, found something pretty cool on the BUZZle site, the Pretty fast FFT.

Thanks for the responses!

Buzz is dead because the original developer has abandoned it. The source code is lost. The Buzzle project looks intresting, but unless all the machine developers decide to recompile their machines, Buzz will be locked on Windows. I spend most of my time on my powerbook or on Linux workstations.

The thing that attracts me to a project such as Renoise is that it is active. Also, it is multi-platform so my windows based friends can share files with me. I’m going to give it a go and see how things turn out.

The ancient thread concerning buzzmachine support for Renoise brought up the anger of pretty pissed buzzmachine developers who felt totally screwed when the author off Buzz sold buzzmachine support (and therefor all buzzmachines) to FL and kept all the money to himself.

I sent the guy a good deal of money when he claimed he lost the source code. I said “claimed” because I still can’t believe Oskari was that stupid not to have backed-up up the source code. Instead of sending the damage hard drive to a professional data recovery center, he wanted to by the same make and model drive and repair it himself! Talk about intelligent. :blink:

I think if he continued on with Buzz development and perhaps hired on a few programmers of the community, Buzz could have gone a long ways. But as it is, it’s really stagnant.

This is the main reason I’m looking at other alternatives. I need a program that’s active! As soon as I get this darn conference paper submitted, I’m going to spend the next month engrossed in Renoise. :ph34r:

The dev of Buzz went to Propellerheads, AFAIK and he included most of the sources in Reason and the other tools. At least, that’s what I heard…

I haven’t heard that one.

Yep :) Here is what I found on Aminet search engine:

721158 421523 41.5% 25-Apr-96 00:51:34 WisdomEuphoria.xm


|[MUL#05]=> “Anxiety Express” <= [02/11/96]|
|—[188BPM, 05.39 - Keith303 (20ch.XM)]—|

:) So Keith303 is long time scener like most of us here :)

Btw, you said you dislike FastTracker interface… Well, I have been using ProTracker for years until 1996. appeared OctaMED Sound Studio… Composing music was slowed down a lot [to me] just because I never liked its interface and possiblity to open thousands of windows… To speed up things I had to open BIG resolution [on TV I worked with these years] so instead 512x384 [I think it was resolution, or DblPal?] I had to use 1024x768 canvas and put as much as possible windows in OctaMED screen. It was like I had large tv screen but with lower resolution.

Long time I didn`t have music program I like to work with until this year I accidently found ReNoise!

To me its interface is more than perfect! Everything is on a single screen with all ideas I ever dream built in :)

All Best to developers! :)

Crap! That was me! ^

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