Hey! Renoise Works?


here’s my first full length album that gonna be released in New York in Jan 2005, which was 100% made with Renoise. :)

Label: http://www.synthphonyrecords.com/

more info also on label’s forum:

Renoise Rulez! :)

cheers from Rio,

well, I don’t have any “fear of failure” like you said. if was true I’ll never post something here right? :)

thanks for your interesting words. :)

The music is pretty cool stuphz… though Depeche Mode singing style is not really my alikes, but i’m sure there are many folks out there that like this stuphz…
(I hope you don’t feel offended by being named in one breath with Depeche Mode… some artists rather like to be qualified as being unique)

I would say in general good job, but I’m not much into listening to remixes of other people’s music so I’m judging it subjectivly.

Polytune: wipe off the times, has some serious drum-loop-point issues–the beats are not alligning correctly at many points in the song as if you’re not playing the drum loops at the right samplerate.

I wish you well.

no problem about that, aside I think my sounds remember them, but still far away aside is synthpop like they went in the 90’s.

I love Depeche Mode, and I was very influenced by them for sure, but I never tryed to do their sound, and I’m really far away.

the samples will be available soon, and you can judge by yourself. :)

cheers from Rio,

Hi Kizzume,

well, I don’t like that site too to say the truth, but isn’t mine, is from the label.

that remix of Polytune’s song, isn’t mine either, like all there available to preview are from vol.1, when I did the vol.2! :)

like I said, the samples will be available soon… :)

my site is this one in my signature below, and yes, is 100% html, very fast, with a lot information, and without any animations. :)

thanks for looking anyway. :)


Well, I was talking with the label and they allowed me to show few samples, here are they.


it’s a zip file with Mp3 with around 1min of each song mixed like a medley. :)

I made that from the demos, without any treatment, and isn’t also mixed in the same beat, so it’s only a preview to you have an idea of my work.

hope you like! :)

you all have 7 days to download this file, after that will be automatically erased.

Enjoy! :)

It’s actually pretty good. It kind-of crosses Information Society, Erasure, and Depeche Mode. My only complaint about it is that most of the songs are using a similar producing technique. Lots of short synth cymbals and a short synth envelope that matches the root of the chord on every tick–but, that is the style of the music, so it’s not really a complaint–it’s more of an observation.

Good job.

As far as the message about the webpage–I have been posting angry-for-no-reason posts all week this week. I’m sorry you had to see that post before I edited it. I’m sorry to everyone this week who has had to see my angry posts for the short time I kept them there–I don’t know what’s with me this week.

no problem about that. :)

glad that you liked my album. :)


congrats m8!

wrong drugs?? <_<

The music is a lot much better than the remix edition…
Still i’m not fond of the type of singing, but it blends in much better than the singing in edition 1.

I also notice a bit of Tears For Fears style here…

is this link broken now? :unsure:

the file has exceeded its allotted bandwidth. :confused:

seams that had a lot more downloads than I expected. :)

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