hey taktik...

since december last year, i’ve seen these lying around my brother’s room. i kept reminding myself to bring one back to my place to scan and post here. two weeks ago, i finally managed the first step. then it lay around my room, and i lost it.

but i found it and here it is:


WELL I THOUGHT IT WAS EXCITING :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :huh: :)

Don’t worry, I almost wet myself when I saw it too! :D

Tho, yes, it was kinda kool. Taktik on a board and stuff. Payment required for attention, something like the situation today… hehe

Lol :lol:, can it be because of the reason that no liquids are alowed :D :lol:

hehe, yeah. well it was under 18. ;)

no liquids… i think that’s why it wasn’t very popular; they’d only let 27.2% of each person in. :( :(

ahahahah… :lol:
“please leave your liquids in the entrance, our hostess at the dryers will guide you through the rest of the process…”
It was maybe to have more room :) :lol:

Haha yea yea I got the joke too…(for real tho)