Hey You Sweden Guys :)

I will be travelling to Sweden ski resort pretty soon as there is no snow in Estonia anymore…

Of course i will pass through Stockholm and i wondered can you suggest me some good music/record/hardware stores to look in? :)


and if you have some link to web page that would be cool… :)

Yup I could…I could also suggest other cool stores/places to visit/restaurants.

But it also depends on what kind of records you are after?

i’m looking mostly for some old stuff… from 90-s :) i’ts hard to find here those… :)

Snickars skivor (Snickars Records) at Södermalm (South-Stockholm) might have some fine records. They have house, techno, electro, electronica, soul, hip hop, reagge etc …

Here is a list on some Record stores.


I would recommend going with subway to slussen, then get out in the far end up the stairs exit towards Götgatan.
(Don’t go down the stairs or in the middle)

Because there are a couple of new/secondhand record stores very close.
First there is a record store inside the subway which does not have that many records, but its worth checking.

Then there is a record store at Hökensgata.

mosebacke skivaffär | hökens gata 11

  • used and new cd’s.

The place is very small but probably has more records than the mega store! Don’t hesitate to ask if you want to find some record.

And then there is one at Högbergsgatan.

So get out at Götgatan (strange indeed the exit is not marked on the map).
Take to the left. Then walk up to the left at Hökensgata.

Here is a map.


When you have been to Högbergsgatan.
Walk back down to Götgatan and continue to the left at Götgatan.
Then walk up left again at Högbergsgatan.

If you want to you could then continue walking down götgatan and then go to Petsounds at skånegatan which is also on the left side of götgatan it takes probably around 7 min to walk there.

Scroll down the map following götgatan.
On the map it does not show that you can acctually walk from Götgatan on to Skånegatan, but trust me it wont be hard to find.

I could also recommend going to S:t eriksgatan.

thanks guys, i’ll check it out!! :)