Heya guys!!!

It’s been a long while, BUT I’m happy to report IMMMMM BAAAACK!

My fallout with music came when my kid count raised to 2 kids, then 3. I had a huge problem, interfacing with a computer just wasn’t meeting my standard anymore. I finally got around to getting a job and made the investment!

A ended up dropping $1,500 CDN on my newest studio editions… Make Noises ‘Rosie’ and ‘Maths’ with Mutable Instruments ‘Braids’ and ‘Ripples’. I also strand for the Beatstep controller (for Cv/Gate sequencing) and Tip Tops Happy Ending case which comes with Zeus Powersupply! To all those that have no clue what I’m referring to, I basically spent a lot of money on What we call ‘Eurorack Modular Synthesizers’!

For me it’s the awakening I neeeded. It brought back the love for me of music production and audio hacking and experimentation!
Mid love to hear any cool ideas that may come with renoise and modulars of any kind and was hopinng this thread may be something of a ‘rack sharing’ themed list!

CHEERS GUYS!! I hope to be reading you all soon!!!

http://Instagram.com/p/yy-B66uJoB/ - a pic of them all patched up and ready for action!

The niNja_pWned!

Awe, no love =(

Awe, no love =(

I plussed you all my lovin!

Lol! Thanks bud!!

That’s one of those doors I will not open. I think once I go down that road, I’ll never stop spending money on modules/etc. :slight_smile:

I really understand the attraction, though! I bought an Elektron Rytm in December, and it’s a totally new experience for me. Since then, I have been battling the urge to get an Octatrack and then an A4 for a “complete”, somewhat compact non-computer setup, but part of me believes that it’s really a waste because I do have a good computer and machines that cost €1250/1400 a pop are way overkill for me, because it’s all strictly hobby, and not even on a high level.

Then again, as long as you (and me, too) have fun, and the money doesn’t come out of the food budget (ahem, that Rytm did lead to “economical eating” for a few weeks!), it’s all just dandy! Gotta spend the money we work for on something, and there are a lot of worse choices than hardware. :slight_smile: