Hfo - High Frequency Oscillator

We now, more than ever, need a High Frequency Oscillator metadevice, so we can modulate parameters at the same frequency as the note being played. This would open up so many synthesis possibilities, I can’t even begin to think of most of them :P

You can thank the Key Tracking Device for my profound revelation.

we, more than ever, need an higher update rate for parameters.

“Need” i’m not so sure. I’m assuming this is the mute line-in->DC offset<-LFO trick we’re talking about?

Frankly and personally (bear with me), i’m really, deeply uninterested in Renoise for synthesis. It’s like why try pulling out the screw with your nail when there are screwdrivers around. We’ve got great VSTi support and tons of free instruments that play together nicely. These are cool “tricks” but for strengthening Renoise as a sequencer i really don’t see the immediate “need” for such extreme modulation rates.

Please give me some examples to sway me? This also goes for the “high res” amplitude follower device discussed previously.

No, not the DC Offset trick. I want to be able to do volume and filter modulations on a sound. Basically, I could have an empty instrument in one note column controlling the desired modulation frequency for the effect being applied to whatever other sounds I’m playing on that track. This would essentially allow for things like a more advanced ringmod… or entirely other sounds. Imagine being able to modulate distortion gain at a certain frequency, for gabber bass destruction!!! The pros do this kinda stuff all the time with high end modular synthesizers… I’m interested in seeing how far we could take such concepts with renoise.

So yah, I repeat: this idea, in relation to what I want it for, has NOTHING to do with waveform generation, although it could tecnhically be used for such, as sunjammer pointed out.

Yah as I was just reminded of in #renoise… we’re still bound by ticks… damnit all anyway, eh?

gets all emo

Well, if we do allow parameter modulations at, lets say the sample rate resolution, this will be slow as hell. Thats something you have to do in a synth or FX itself in order to be acceptable fast.

with hydra and key trakcing device it will be pretty easy to control it :guitar:

and if it will work slow we can just render it to sample

So there’s a bottleneck in regards to changing parameters? Is it a UI issue, or something else?

Normally FX are buffered, calculated in large sample blocks. This is what computers are good at: Calculating (nearly) the same thing over and over again.
If you now modulate a parameter constantly on each sample, you have to drive the whole FX for just one sample, change its parameters, drive it again and so on. That creates a massive overhead compared to the buffered way.

I don’t say that this is impossible, but thats normally stuff you avoid to do when dealing with audio processing. Such synthesis is perfectly done in synths. Thats why they they exist are are called “synths” :P

Would it be possible to only turn on realtime parameter processing for those parameters that are being controlled by a high resolution metadevice, and any subsequent devices affected by that parameter changing (in the case of hydra for example)?

but would it possible to allow for that in a way so it only slows stuff down when actually used? Like a “hi res” mode for effects, which means you can modulate it with the HFO device (and draw very very very accurate automation curves).

I so beat you to that question :P

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I’m with Taktik 100% heh. There are tools that do this specific thing for the fields in which it’s actually useful. I’m actually more concerned with how bloody awkward it is to get the LFOs SLOW enough for common use than the opposite way around. I keep finding myself within the lower 10th of the slider and it just always boils down to typing in the value manually. High frequency oscillation simply doesn’t strike me as something i’d touch. The few times i use it on the Nord Modular are for profoundly lo-fi noise generation and such, and those are extremely rare cases. Let’s just say there’s a reason the Modular has “proper” oscillators AND LFOs with a hi-switch.

There is nothing that enables you to modulate the parameters of existing VST(i) and the internal Renoise fx with high frequency.

There are tools that allow you to do some of the things you could do with this, yes, but that’s nowhere near the same.

You could perhaps reduce the overhead by only incorporating the positions that the user wants to trigger and leave the rest of the interpolation tick-based.
I highly doubt a user would like to update hundreds of parameters on a 512 samples-scale on the same row.
It could be done spread across several tracks though, but that would be the choice of the user…

And that’s just it. I don’t know why you’d want to.

I don’t know why some people would want to have sex with Pamela Anderson either, but apparently that’s a fantasy of many <_<

I wish to see it like hidden thing. Silent operation without disturbing NooBS…i think its not hard to code it(i am lamer actualy,but):…nvm…just expirement :))) zzzZZZZzzzzz \O=renoise=o>


It’s really not your problem WHY someone wants do something that leaves you cold - all that matters is THAT they want it. As long as it doesn’t break anything else, obviously.

Man, these forums, sometimes… I don’t even care what gets implemented, but there seems to be always someone going “I don’t get it so you can’t have it”.

Huh? :blink:

I don’t even use anything except Renoise, but I would never bitch about Rewire support. I don’t use MIDI gear, I never use the line-in device… same thing.

It’s like when I photograph silly little stuff on the streets… every now and then somebody nearly attacks me: “why would you photograph that”… well, that you even have to ask makes it obvious that attempting to answer that would just be wasted breath.