Hi All

just bought renoise - very excited :) and i wanted to let the devs know that this is the very first piece of music software ive actually bought… i think that says it all really

Lol. Welcome. :D

yeah same here. for multiple reasons actually:

  1. a fantastic piece of software;
  2. active, useful community;
  3. suggestions seem to actually be implemented;
  4. i never expected to pay so little for all of this, let alone get free updates for a full version.


ha, my sentiments exactly + it looks cool and inspiring unlike boring cubase that i’ve been using on and off since forever. :>

[center]HEY COPYCAT!!! Nah jk ;) WELCOME ABOARD! Renoise seems to spark this enthusiasm in all it’s users!! ONCE AGAIN WELCOME WE’RE GLAD TO HAVE YOU ON BOARD!


Ah… I remember the day I bought Renoise too. :wub: Those were the days. How innocent everything seemed to be. ;)

Welcome aboard! :)

haha thanks everyone :) now give me all your presets and instruments!!!