Hi Everyone, I'm New Here

Hey there,

I’ve just joined here, but any of you who visit the KVR-VST forum might know me, i’m a regular over there.

I just started trying out renoise, and its great! I used to write tracker tunes on my Amiga years ago(octamed etc), and since used all sorts of other Software Studios and stuff. But i thought i’d go back to my roots, and now i remember why i loved tracking!

Anyway, nice to be here :D


Welcome Quincy. Kick off your shoes and get comfy, cos this is the place to be :)

Hi there, have been around the KVR forum a few times recently + have seen U there (the quincy avater stuck in my mind :D ). Have only posted a couple of times myself over there as my other nik 4tune. Mostly renoise related :), anyhow welcome, always nice to see people returning to tracking!

Hello Quincy!

Nice to see you here. You seem to be the first frequent K-v-R user that treated Renoise seriously :)

Happy ReNoising! :drummer:


PS: Now I see why you’ve changed your mind about that sfz+ :lol: