Hi Im new to Renoise! Quick question...


Thanks for your help.

OK. I get it now. I was doing it the wrong way round. I hadnt explored phrases enough.

I have to keep doubling instead of halving the LPB in the phrase to get the smaller and smaller note divisions (64th note, 128th note etc.).

I think I can now end up with phrases the equivalent of 0.75 ticks main editor tick equivalent? Yes even smaller.

This is nice.

With a phrase of only one line in length its incredibly easy to do all the tuplets and beyond into waveform type speed ( LPB 256 ).

( 1 line phrase LPB settings )

LPB2 = tuplet

LPB3 = triplet

LPB4 =quadruplet

LPB5= quintuplet

LPB6= sextuplet








for 2 line phrase, the above LPB values x 2 etc.

I would like to confirm to the LSDJ and LittleSoundParkTracker users that renoise does indeed have much faster “tables” than theirs (which do maximum 1 tick resolution, unlike renoise phrases which go all the way to oscillator type speed, 1 line phrase LPB256).

renoise 1 tick resolution phrase – 1 line phrase, phrase LPB-48 ( 4 line dodecuplet x 4 = 1 line dodecuplet).

256uplet is th maximum. That is 5.33333333 times greater resolution than LSDJ and LittleGameParkTracker ( if they are set at 12TPL) or 10.66666666 time greater resolution if they are set at 6TPL.