Hi! Newbie here, check out my first song.

Deleted and thrashed the song, I Am sorry, it was not appropriate. You can delete this thread.

I get a sign-in screen.

Should work now. :slight_smile: Btw anybody IRC?

Should work now. :slight_smile: Btw anybody IRC?

I do, thg^dcs @ ircnet

I expected some heavy low acid bass at 1 min → … pretty please :slight_smile:

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I am very sorry that I shared that crap. Wont happen again.

It’s not crap. I was happy there was no bass drop. Something different. Keep it up.

Thanks! I’ve been listening to too much dj mixes and I tried to get the same feeling to it. I should write an actual song. Those sounds was not even mine, they were from Vst plugin I bought. But your post made me feel better. :slight_smile: