Hi! (Wheres The "introduce Yourself" Thread??)

Hey Guyses!

I just bought Renoise 2 days ago and I am completely sleep deprived! (my wife says thanks!)

I started playing with FT around 2000 and went on to being in hardcore bands in Australia and slowly moving into recording and using tools and logic in OS9/OSX for many years.

I’ve migrated over to Linux a while back and I’ve just moved to Thailand around 2 years ago and it’s awesome to get started with a tracker again! It feels like I’m starting over and that rules! Renoise is awesome and when I found out there was a Linux native version, I was absolutely stoked!

It’s great to see so many people here using Linux to make tunes and some of the stuff I am hearing on soundcloud,bandcamp,etc is amazing to say the least! I heard Hunz on the radio when I went back to Aus for a bit and to find out he created a lot of his stuff mostly in Renoise excited the hell out of me!

Anyway! Sorry if I am posting this in the wrong place but I couldn’t find an “Introduce yourself” thread. Maybe someone should create one and sticky it?


This can be THE thread!

Hi. Welcome. :)

I think this is the thread you were looking for (though it’s a bit disguised)
Welcome anyway! :lol:

Ahhh, that thread is a bit deceptive but I’ll pay it! (ignore the pun!)

Thanks y’all! :)

Hehe, so i’m gonna missuse this thread for a little introduction of myself then. ;)

I’m using Renoise since 2.7.2, thats not too long. The first months i got it i didnt have much time though. So i still am at learning how to use Renoise. It’s lots of fun! The last time i did such stuff about 20 years ago on my Atari 1040 STE. I have to admit i still love it. Love it even more nowadays.

Well then, have a good time and lots of fun you musical earthlings. :D

Greets, Afreakana