Bump This Thread If You Purchased Renoise

The last person to post WINS !!!

I bought Renoise in June 2003.


Bought on the 30th of september 2006

I won a Renoise 1.2 licence in a compo on Breakpoint 2003, but I’ll buy it again when 2.3 comes out.

I registered 1.281, that was somewhere in 2003 i guess…

I registered Apr. 16th 2009

I never purchased Renoise, but Renoise purchased me. Does that count as well? :(


purchased at Renoise 1.0. Now beat this :)

My emails tell me I bought Renoise on 6th December 2005.

november 13th. - 2002
good ol’ Renoise v1.11 :)

Somewhere in the summer of 2006. Can’t find the email. Time flies!

Registered 1.9: Tue 9/18/07 4:40 PM (it was a good day)

Bought v.1.28. Hoping to win a new license if BB6 is ever held. Otherwise I’ll probably buy a new license.

Bought 1.0 in 2002

Bought 1.8… uhm… a couple of years ago… don’t remember when. :(

I saw renoise 2.0 in sale basket and decided to buy.

v1.2 April 2003

Renoise V1.0 2002 and never looked back…

1.2x? don’t know exactly.
I only know Renoise came right on time for me somewhere in 2002.
just extended my license.

Grabbed the Renoise demo in early 2003, but it took me a while to switch to Renoise completely because I was being lazy. Finally registered in July 2003 for version 1.2… or was it 1.28? Anyway, good times!

Last year some time
Didn’t think i would ever really use a tracker app again after the Amiga days so long ago
Flirted a bit with a couple of different VST trackers inside my main hosts but my eyes kept getting drawn to Renoise

Bought it to help out with some tutorials for a couple of Renoise users who where using Reaper sometime last year and it has been one of my main hosts since hehehehe
Pretty addictive shit