Hide Vsti

I have many VSTi’s (and VST), that I don’t use anymore, but I still need them for some old tracks that aren’t quite completed yet, and also for various Renoise tracks I get from internet/friends that use different plugins than me.

It would be nice, if Renoise had some sort of plugin manager, where it would be possible to choose which plugins are shown in the popup menu (VSTi) / effects list (VST) and which are hidden, but still available for existing songs that needs them.

What do you think?

just put those into a sperate directory and enable that dir if you need them.

That’s exactly what I’m doing, but it’s a clumsy solution, because I actually need those VSTs quite often. It would be great to have them available for loading all the time, just invisible in menus - same as old renoise 1.8 effects. It’s an inspirational type of thing you know, less is more…