High-q - Demosong?

This is the first time i try to use only the sample pack of renoise. Maybe it is good enough as a demosong for renoise 2.1…what do you think?

haven’t had the chance to take a listen yet, but just so you know:
you don’t necessarily have to use the bundled samples in order to contribute a demo song.

yes, i know. but after using many vsts and samples from the freesound-project i wanted to “go back to the roots” of renoise just to show to myself, that renoise is all what i need to make music.
btw it would be cool if you give some feedback, keith303.

cool stuff, especially with respect to the sample source you limited yourself to.
i can hear what you were after (style-wise) with the tune.
such music, being as monotone and repetitive as it is, does live and breath from the punch and the lushness of the mix/master, which is something i’d criticize here (e.g.: kick+bassline don’t go too well with each other), even though i know how hard it is to pull it off any better with just the internal dynamic processing tools. so in my opinion this lacks a bit of overall drive and groove in order to justify the monotone character.

afterall it still is a worthy contender for the demo tunes arsenal, but on the one hand i’m sure enough not the one to decide about such matters and on the other i fear it might be already too late for at least the current 2.1 release.

thanks for your review.

i totally agree. probably a side-chain-compressor would help me out here…and some mastering-practice.
more drive and groove? do you mean some variation in the loop?

I understand that this is intended to be reperitive, but as a demosong I would expect something with more variation. It could be interesting if you could publish the XRNS and let us try to remix it

(v. 2.1 b4)

i don’t understand why you should sort out a song because of its style. but of course you all are invited to remix it.

IT said more variations in which he meant:to show off different stuff inside Renoise like how to use the DSP effects and how to use the pattern effect commands and how to use the instrument envelopes.
Having a song that remains a bit straight usually also tells something about the effects used in it and in what way.

I can’t complain about the lack of variations I am mostly for very progressive music, but this doesn’t get too boring. Quite enough stuff going on there.

The mix is bit rough around the edges, but generally I love it. :)

thanks :)

yes, this is what I meant. Noone is going to sort your song out because of the style. Moreover, I’m not the one who decides what has to be a demosong or not, but if you submit your song for demosong selection you should be aware of the fact that a demosong should not only please the listener, but also keep the user interested, and show the capabilities of the application. In this sense, the more it “happens” in a song, the better.

anyway, we already have songs with lot “happening” in them, but I think that a compromise can be found, and maybe the community can found it, that’s why I asked for the XRNS file (which is what is going to be added as a demosong, after all :))

for me, a demosong has to be well composed. so i automatically wonder how it’s made with the software. furthermore when composing with it, you have to use the functions of the application. but that’s my opinion. i don’t want to force myself on you.

Well the critics are not meant to discourage, it is just that demo-songs for the full display are sorted upon what they do and what Renoise trickery is used to archieve the result.
I’ve submitted a few songs to use as a demo-song, but they didn’t showed enough (and got waived for that), so in general: a demo song not only has to sound interesting, it has to be technically dressed interesting as well.

In that matter there is always a second level of demo-songs that anyone can submit when it is time for that, which are the BeatBattle entries.

The third level demo-songs are the songs that can be posted 24/7 in the songs-section on Renoise.com:
You have the free choice to submit either solely mp3 or the Xrns as well.

there is also a page with user contributions on the Tutorials Wiki here. It used to have more songs, but now there is only one by me, I don’t know why.

Didn’t even knew it was there… but as far as the changes, you seem to be the only one having done something with it:
February 13, 2007, at 12:13 PM by It-Alien - Deleted line 0: Added lines 15-17: Breath by It-Alien. 1500KB OGG-compressed XRNS file. 10′30″ space rock song

The other page that contains more songs is here, but is no longer maintained:

huh, yes, I was actually looking for that other page and found the one I linked

okay, looks like i’ve got to downgrade…