High quality (but...free) pitch shifter ?

Need to raise a vocal up one semitone for the sake of bpm, while keeping its original pitch. The pitchshift tool for renoise seems to add some weird artifacts.

What can you recommend? I have Reaktor


This one is free, but a little slow. It should probably sound good for a semitone shift.

I use this but mostly for FX stuff:


There’s also this which should do what you’re after but only if you can put up with iLok software (no dongle required & their offer ends on April 1):


I dont think that there exists any high quality and free pitch shifter. Every pitch shifter creates some artifacts and some can be nice in certain situations. But just commercial ones like elastique v3, melodyne or ableton can be seen as a high quality imho and i like also quikquak pitchshifter, cheap one.

My favourite in freeware world are akaizer and paul scretch but they are about artifacts :], the first one for percussion, the second one for textures. For pitching vocals i would recommend vst like gsnap or g200kg.

IMO you’re asking for a lot. I think if you get a bit creative you can use something like Melda Productions MAutopitch (or whatever it’s called) and get a relatively good sound out of it. Honestly, stuff like this is why it pays off to spring for something like Cubase or Melodyne because I don’t really trust freeware to do anything drastic to vocals or similar material without creating distortions in the sound. If you really care so much about the quality of your vocals, you should probably spring for a professional level solution or give it to someone who has those options.

Cool Edit Pro used to have a good one, i haven’t used it in ages, but i think there are some usable copies of it around somewhere.

The Reaper demo is fully functional and should be able to do this.

i really like this one


great thanks, a lot to choose from

Cool Edit Pro is now Adobe Audition, as far as I know.