High Quality Chiptune

Ok Chiptune music is what made me buy renoise ! And i always looking for HIGH QUALITY artist, by that i mean Beautiful sounds, Beautiful Construction, High Complexity and simplicity (I know the artist inside you understand me :P/>/>). The chiptune Does not have to be pure 8 bit but has to be good So look at what i mean by high quality songs i will name a few but please share yours !

Starscream - Outer and onward
This is so beautiful

DisasterPiece - Prologue
This is so dramatic


MisfitChris Lonely resistance
Just… Wow

Big Giant Circles


I won’t claim to be a “HIGH QUALITY artist”, but do some chiptune stuff. :)/>

Check my sig and soundcloud if you’re interested. https://soundcloud.com/thebellows

Here’s one i’m quite happy with:

I recommend FantomenK:

Yes i know about fantomenk and i agree is good but it is more for dancing purpose than on the beautiful experience itself (Like the one i suggested) But i thank you for this !

But common people i am begging for beautiful square !!!

http://kubbi.bandcamp.com/ (awesome talent)

http://producersnafu.bandcamp.com/album/nestalgia (some pure chiptunes , and also jungle and dubstep chiptunes)

http://archive.org/search.php?query=swampyboy (chipbreak mostly , which is chiptune + breakcore)

Ok Burital Kubbi is Exactly what king of chiptune that i was looking for !!! it is so powerful !!! for the 2 other i still have to listen more !!!

Buritall you the man !!!

Pretty much everything from late 2009 on released on Ubiktune is amazing. I just found the label a couple hours ago, and I’m in love.

Also, Phlogiston.

tnx man :) nagz is also great chiptune producer

and i also wanted to add two of my all time favorites

Download famitracker (windows only afaik) and check the demo songs included with it… a few really nice ones.