High-Res Renoise Logo?

I’ve been looking around to find a Renoise logo big enough to print so I can make a sticker out of it. Does anyone know where I could find one?

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Before, I downloaded this file from somewhere in Renoise Forum.

Someone may have a file better than this though.
I still do not know who made the original logo file. (maybe celsius or pulsar?)


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Cool, this is perfect. Thanks.

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There was a thread way back in the stack with a guy making a very sick 3D logo of the Renoise image.

Was excellent, if I remember rightly. Not sure if he finished it, or took it past the standard gray coating you stick to when you are sculpting, but it was rad nonetheless.

@bytesmasher: thanks for the cool vector of the logo.

I once asked for renoise 2 logo, but to no avail. It’s so cool. Is it possible to have it now?

Is it illegel to use the logo for a t-shirt print? :ph34r:

I doubt anyone is really going to mind if you’re just making a one-time shirt for yourself to wear, but you definitely should not try to sell anything you create, since there is already an official Renoise merchandise store created for that.

Depending on which website/service you use to create the shirt, they may not even allow you to use the Renoise logo in the first place. Spreadshirt is usually quite strict about it, for example, and in the past they’ve required me to proove ownership of my own designs and logos.

Of course, if you’re just screen printing from the comfort of your own home, then go for it… and remember to post photos when you’re finished! :)

i miss a black hoody with neon-green logo :w00t:

About the Renoise merc… I’d really love a zip-up hoody with a HUUUUUGE Renoise logo (the R) on the front… I’d design it myself but I’d like the money to go to the renoise team you know…

hmm probably the wrong thread to say such stuff…

If I currently had a girlfriend I would buy her a Renoise Thong for Valentines day :D

Personally I really don’t like hoodies without a zip. Would be tempted to buy a zipped one, although would prefer a large logo on the back and a little one over the heart on the front, rather than a big one on the front. But beggars can’t be choosers and if either design was to appear I would make an effort to get myself one.

Although I do have a friend with screen-printing facilities so maybe I should get on it myself…


(OMG, pls keep the small logo. These intrusive and narcissistic “megalogos” suck. :ph34r: )

Excellent! :)

i was wondering the same thing, since i have a new led screen running at full hd res and big icons on my desktop (i like it that way :P) all other icons have razorsharp icons except renoise and ableton live which have ugly aliasing around the edges :(

hope that i can use the upper renoise logo and just crop the renoise logo and replace the renoise icon on my desktop with it