Higher Price For Faster Development Cycle?

Too bad users can’t make polls. But is anyone else willing to pay more for Renoise in exchange for a faster development cycle? If Renoise were say, three times more expensive, Taktik could hire a couple programmers extra and development could go faster. It’s really slow now and it still lacks a lot of features but of course switching to another music application is no option. ;)

Not sure that will help, maybe in the long run but to just throw money at it ins’t always the solution.
I mean how often does Steinberg or E-magic release new updates to Cubase/Logic ?
Not counting bug fixes.

i understand your intentions and (probably) i would wish that too. :unsure:

but the experience of the past had shown us that this approach isnt that
clever cause look at “jeskola” buzz (i remember) there were donates and sth. like that …
and look at it now.(i know the alleged HDD-crash) but its a pitty! otherwise there are tons of devs now :D

I think we all have to pull at the same strand only. this would gave the devs
a comfortable way of resonance for each bug or idea.

well overall there will be something in future (maybe tied on features or sth. like that)
that could bring up a new point of price/payment stuff. maybe only on demand

you (we) wish speed for the development of rns BUT this depends on the health/time/mood of the developer. and i think “cash causes crashes”

greetings to all (ill hope nobody will feelin aggrieved … its not intended)
special greetings/respect to the old noisetrekker -dev team
very nice app! :walkman:

So if Renoise were 1000 times more expensive…

Your logic doesn’t scale to reality.

More developers != more anything.
Higher price != more profits (if people don’t pay)

A friend of mine wrote a nice essay about software-development See it’s blog

i would pay a three digit euro value for MED import.

… on the other hand we don’t need a fast development - we need what we have: a high quality, user oriented development - that’s all!!!

yes alexander, I agree :rolleyes:

Biggest live example

well i guess im not really a weed in this thread, but i would certainly shell out some more cash if i could get some of my ideas implemented in the next release.
no shit B)

lets do some math…

an average good freelance developer (at least in germany) will cost you about 50 EUR / hour. lets say, we want to hire such an developer for fulltime. thats about 160 hours per month = 8000 EUR/Month for such fulltime dev.

Now, if we raise the price of Renoise we will also lower the montly sold number of licences. I have no experience on potential customers behaviour in such scenarios, but considering that Renoise is definitely not a product for average musican but people from the scene… well i doubt we would be able to sell more then 10 licences each month in such case. That makes 800 Eur / Licence without considering any other costs.

Correct me if i am wrong.

p.s. Other options like selling Renoise or founding a commmercial company behind Renoise by ourselves are not considered here. We do really like the close to the userbase and free (read: not under pressure) developmen of renoise. That would change as soon you HAVE to finace yourself by the licence sells.

That’s useless… Things are great as it is! At least for now :yeah:
Improvements awaiting is pisses me off like others, but i can live with it.
And i think if Renoise will cost something like $800, will loose it’s respect…
This will cause : most of people will use cracked version instead of licensed.
:angry: :(

and if you count with 50€/m it’s cheap in germany …

the more developers you have, the more problems you might get when it comes to implement features. The other point against more developers is that everybody codes stuff a different way.


if (variable=true)  

The same feature is this:

foobar = (variable=true) ? dothat() : dosomethingelse();  

In this case, it’s pretty simple but understanding such a complex thing as renoise would be :woot:

good argument - software is too expensive in general … so everybody should wish for high quality open sourceand high quality cheap software only.

I also like the price level that renoise is currently in.

I would not have registered it if it had cost more than $100.
Not because I couldn’t afford it but just because some pretty crucial features for me is not there yet.
So to put it in the $50 range was a smart move in my opinion.
That way the developers will get something for their great efforts but at the same time it’s not too expensive for most.

I think that Renoise is the best thing that have happened in a long time.
I’ve played around with CubaseSX, Logic, Reason and couldn’t get used to the pianoroll type editing…it limited my creativity.
So for me, some time for things to develop is a minor concern compared to not being able have the workflow I’ve been used to since early -90’s.

All I have to say is keep up the good work.

it depends what you are specialized on. In my enviroment (Enterprise Application Deveopment) 50 EUR are pretty average (30-80 EUR/hour are possible)

Anyway. Nobody wants Renoise move in that direction right now. Dont get me wrong, my intention was to show you how pointless this thread is.

I think the price is just right, any more expensive and I wouldn’t be able to afford it.

I still haven’t registered yet, I’ll do it next month - honest! (web design doesn’t pay very well in the UK, at least in my job).

Since getting into Renoise I’ve hardly touched Cubase SX which is what I was using before. I’m sorry to say I was using a crack, as ~£600 is a ludicrous amount to pay for software IMO. I’m trying to ween myself off the crack ;) and Renoise is BETTER than the ‘pro’ stuff, plus I can actually afford to buy it legally, so I definately will.

I think my experiece is probably quite common with renoise users, the low price makes people love it even more and actually WANT to support the developers. If it was more like 250euros, I imagine people would feel slightly put-off and consider using wareZed versions (I was sickened to see a crack of renoise on the newsgroups a while ago).

So yes, the price is right. It’s an honest price which makes people want to show their respect to the developers.

I don’t know about that yet…

They are cheaper in India and Malaisya (€200/month) and very highly skilled as well, only their English sucks in general.
A lot of European companies already do the same:invest in FTE’s in Asia and ditch the skill in Europe. (Talking about how to get your own national economics into a crisis, but well, the current commercial sector hasn’t done something like this yet on a large scale.)

I thought India was big on this because of their good English…

Haha :angry:
Now i see - Ukraine can be compared with India and Malaisya this way…
$200 or less for the same skills here! Not even euros…