Higher Than 64 Step Jump?

Is there a reason why 64 is the max step length available? I want to edit stuff jumping more than 64 lines at a time :S Is there an easy way to script it or enable higher values?

i don’t see why this couldn’t be done with scripting. however, how do you want it to perform? If you have editstep=128 and the pattern is of 96 row length, do you want the first editstep to take you to the next pattern row 32, or the same pattern row 32?

Surely that would depend on your Pattern Wrap Mode setting, which already determines if you constantly scroll through patterns as you get to the start/end of loop around the same pattern when navigating.

Second button:

Yes, as karakore pointed out, you can easily determine the action that will happen by toggling that second button. What I had in mind was scrolling through all the patterns. I want to introduce elements/fx’s everything 128/256/512 lines throughout my tracks.

hmm, useful idea for a tool. i would use this.

if its done with a script it would not take such things (as that gui button you guys noted) into consideration ;)

Why not? All the script needs to do is to check for