highlight and move more than one instrument at a time

Currently I can only move one instrument up or down in the instruments list box at a time…it is only one at a time for cut, copy, paste, delete and all those too. It would be quicker sometimes to be able to highlight many instruments to move, cut, copy, paste or delete all at once.

Or to highlight many and use the batch convert stereo to mono tool on them all at once.

It sounds so obvious that I’m surprised it’s not yet implemented.Currently, you can select several instruments into the instrument box and remove all, but not drag them together.Maybe it’s a topic of optimization.If you have many selected instruments, and many written patterns, Renoise will modify many hit values.But you could set a limit, say 10 instruments?

To me what I would like is that the instrument box would allow grouping in groups the instruments (include name of group) and the use of colors associated with tracks or groups (manually or by routing).That is, a clear method for classifying instruments for medium or large projects.