"highlight" currently playing instruments?

Just an idea, if this isn’t already in the works… maybe some visual indication of which instruments are playing and which are not - maybe simply show the names in a different color, or a little dot at the left, like in ST3 / impulsetracker…? (sry i’m really tired right now)

I like this idea.

I made a mockup of a way that might make it easier to find what instrument is being played:

So as you see, the instrument list would show which sample is being triggered, and also it shows the track colour for the track it is being played in.
Then I think, what happens if one sample is being in two different tracks, which colour should be displayed?!

I don’t know. Just an idea.

My pants are wet.

eyecandy vs functionality?

Also, I use gazillion instruments (also multi-sample instruments) and the top right instrument list box just shows 10 at a time, how is this useful? We would need an additional tab, just for showing all instruments.

There is already a button on the disk browser that say ‘More’ which expands the instrument list vertically. So no need for an additional tab.

I don’t see why the indicators couldn’t also be in the Instrument Settings > Sample tab to the left of the samples.

Expanding diskop will never cover the whole range though, can see this being useful with relatively smaller projects. Would be functional if it not just blinks when triggered, but holds color for as long as the sample plays.

It is certainly sufficient as it is for simply managing instruments right now.
I think it covers enough, and most people have a scroll wheel anyway. There’s also a scroll bar.
I Don’t think it would be too much a problem to for one to scroll through it and find which instrument is in which track.

I agree, I tried to show this in the mockup. look at instrument 05, it is holding its colour longer than the other cause the note is being held.

Instrument matrix? Just like the Pattern Matrix?