Highlight Every Xx Lines, Per Track.

Highlight every XX lines, per track. For example, on track one I want every 7 lines highlighted. On track two I want every 4 lines highlighted.

Additionally, right click on “The current pattern length in lines” and choose “Least common multiple” would scan each track, look for different highlight settings, and in the case of 7/4 it would set the pattern length to 112.

Thank you for your consideration.

I’m really curious what your track sounds like?? B)

It sounds terrible!

I’d still like this feature though.


Would fit great with the new “per track” color picker.

2705 per_track.jpg


Also one thing that annoys me is that if you change the time signature in the middle of a pattern, the highlighting isn’t changed till you’re past the F1xx sorry ZLxx command. I’d like the highlighting to reflect the actual LPB.

Did that make sense?

No because “I’d like the highlighting to reflect the actual LPB” is already being applied.
If you mean “I’ld like the highlighting to always reflect the last ZLXX command in the pattern” then i would comprehend much better.

Yeah, that would be useful

O’Doyle Rules!

Words… I fail at using them.

This is how Renoise shows highlighting today:

This is how I’d like it to show highlighting:

I hope it makes sense now?


I’d be happy with row-highlight minor and row-highlight major

I’m sure it makes sense to you, but I don’t see the point. I see note locations without additional highlighting as things are right now. Or am I missing something?

the utilization of pattern effect commands to change highlights on the fly. That’s how I see this mockup of his.
ZL04 is highlight every 4 rows, ZL03 is highlight every 3 rows.

i also would like that!

Amen to that

Bump :rolleyes:

Look out.


maybe it’ll come, maybe it won’t.
we’ll never know.