Hilfe in Deutsch (Help in German)


mein Name ist Marcel und komme aus Deutschland!!!
Gibt es hier ein Forum oder eine Hilfe Seite in Deutsch???
Ich habe eine menge fragen über die benutzung von Renoise!!!

Vielen Dank und Gruss


my name is Marcel and comes from Germany!!!
Is there a forum or an assistance here side into German???
I have many ask over the use of Renoise!!!

Thank you and Greetz Marcel

well you can speak english, so why dont you write your questions in english then ?

wenns dringend ist, oder einfach nicht in english geht, schreib an pulsar (pulsar@renoise.com) oder mich (taktik@renoise.com)
oder besorg dir einen irc client und komm uns im irc besuchen.

Wow! I din’t think I actually learnt anything in my 5 years of german-lessons in school! =) But I actually understand 90% of this thread.

I still don’t understand shit when I watch that tv-show Rex though… (the police dog) =)

  • Ich heisse Dieter. Wie heist du?
  • Sabine!

(Famous german textbook example here in Sweden. When you study german in Sweden you get the feeling that all german people is either named Dieter or Sabine =)

Hehe, watched that one a lot in german lessons 8./9. grade. (Can’t say it improved my german skills in any possible way, though…).

Hehe… that’s Alles Klar, das Deutches Textbuch… I remember that one! :)

I agree, it’s fascinating that you remember German that well. But if I try to speak it I just mix it up with Spanish I study at the moment… Now I ended up with forgetting all German and hardly knowing any Spanish… great deal! :)

I think its fair to everyone if we all write english even if its not our motherlanguage. non english topics should be directed directly to the renoise members via mail …

and Klaus :)

maybe we can also convert the help into german and other languages…i’m willing to help for german