Hip Hop Improv

ESX + KP2 + my fingers and a record button.


Someday, maybe, we can improv in renoise so easily. Until then, ReNoise for sequencing, hardware for performance. :)

Here’s a bit of an oddity using the same gear…the music was recorded live (semi-improv…I had an idea of where I was going, but the fills and such were on the fly decisions) and not intended to have vocals…but for fun, I picked at random an acapella to throw on and see how it sounded…amazingly enough, it’s one of the most fitting mashups I’ve ever heard…


There’s lots of little nuances with the lyrics and music coinciding…

and none of them were intentional…I mean, the song even has about 40 seconds on both ends so you can throw it in a mix! these two tunes were designed for each other, it seems!

Anyway, enjoy.

Had this on repeat for a long time without getting tired of it.