Hip Hop Instrumental

I fell asleep last night, forgot to post this!


Made with Renoise! Luv it! I started making a Hip Hop a few weeks, cause I’m being pestered for it, by a lot of people… Not virtual ones… But like, people in the real world, they keep asking me for Hip Hop… I think, “maybe not such a bad idea to give this a shot.” And Renoise… Excellent tool for this!


Six months, hoping I have this licked! Most of what you are hearing is my sound designs… But I must be truthful. I am no longer spending time sound designing drums. I hate to be a bitch, but I have decided, “who cares.” What difference does it make if I am just buying hot drum samples, or using libraries… We live in such a fast paced music environment now… Who has time to spend ten hours making tight drum kits? I just want to compare, contrast. Get a good drum sound on the back end! In the production stage.

Not my style of music either!


But I’m over it. I mean, the audience for Psy Trance in the USA can fit into a VW bus.


Yes that kick sucks! I’m going to stock up on drum libraries over the next few months. But I will low its pitch! Thanks for feedback…


Drums are a bit too static, and maybe a bit to simple. Other then that it’s sounding alright I think. So get some groove into those drums & bass :)

i agree with magowl. if you are aming for a standardish hip hop beat then you need a bit more swing to those drums imo.