Hip Hop Jazz instrumentals

Made these a while ago as ideas for a hiphop jazz project I’m in, these beats are not going to be used so I thought I’d share. Maybe I can build some of these in something more interesting or rap on it myself? :wink:




Enjoy or not :yeah:/> .

I’m not really fond of the first one, but the other two are groovy and funky. I guess the beat samples weren’t interesting enough to make it a hiphop product.

Good to see more trackers making Hip Hop. It seems like a rarity, especially this quality. I enjoyed all of them. I liked the constant wash of effects and filters in the first beat, the build-ups and break-downs in the second, and the always changing and stuttering guitar in the third. Good work! :panic:

Very cool man! I’m kind of with vV. The first one just needs a few more harmony changes. It’s a little too static. Sometimes that’s cool, but I feel like there’s not enough melodic content to sustain a single chord for that long.

The second one has some really tasty bass lines man. I really liked it. I’m a bass player, so kudos man.

Thanks all!

Bonus cut-up instrumental:


Moar instrumentals:



Another one, this track is being transformed into an acoustic workout and will be put on vinyl:


Some moar instrumentals: