Hip Hop

I don’t listen to much Hip Hop, but here are some of my favourites:

Aesop Rock

…and of course the classics:

Public Enemy

producers: Premier, J Dilla, Pete Rock, 9th wonder, dj Babu…

rappers: Mos Def, Talib Kweli, Common, Immortal Technique, Dead Prez…

bands: Wu-Tang, Public Enemy, J5…

…and many more!

“Wu-Tang is for the children!”

Hey BYTE, any recommendations on Saul Williams and any albums of his to listen to?

“Doseone” is another good one, and noones mentioned roots manuva! He does most of his own productions, and they are sick!

EDIT: Charly did, sorry

I’d personally say “all of them” … but I’ve only personally heard Saul Williams (2004)
and The Inevitable Rise and Liberation of NiggyTardust! (2007)

A quick search on youtube provides many goodies however. He’s primarily a poet, so he’s got a lot of spoken word stuff floating around, including spoken word versions of some of his songs. This one is a favorite of mine: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4QnkrMA0wXQ

Here’s a moving commentary on the state of hiphop: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tjvVf2PKoV4

I dunno, 13&God is good, but don’t you find his high nasally voice kinda annoying sometimes?
I met him at an ATP a few years ago, he was a real nice guy actually.

Also, no way you don’t like pussyole.

Sweet, thanks BYTE. I’ll check it out. :)

Dr. Octagon

Saul Williams and Niggy Tardust are 2 completely different artists. Yes it’s the same guy, but it’s really interesting how Saul Williams created the character that has a certain style, both in sound, looks and attitude.

I would suggest you check out both artists, which means do the Niggy Tardust one, but as far as “Saul Williams” I personally dig Amethyst Rock Star more than his self titled album.

Also youtube the movie “Slam” it’s pretty dope.

i fucking loved saul williams self-titled album - it had like, 4 tracks where you just stop what you’re doing and stare at the speakers in amazement. “act III scene 2” in particular is just fantastic. :D

other stuff i like…

mr lif
edan (“beauty and the beat” is a fantastic record too)
eyedea and abilities
eric b and rakim
tribe called quest
the coup
stain(ed) art
ultramagnetic MCs

and if we can stretch the definition of hip-hop a little, i’d also include asian dub foundation. “enemy of the enemy” is a brilliant record too. :yeah:

Ho yes! Asian Dub Foundation!
And Rage against the Machine!

Niggy Tardust was a character, yes, but the album “The Inevitable Rise and Liberation of NiggyTardust!” was produced (with Trent Reznor) and released as Saul Williams. Niggy isn’t the writer… he’s simply the narrator. He’s stated that Niggy is a caricature of up and coming artists that are willing to shed society’s shackles and stand up for our rights as people… a representation of those willing to discard notions of race, class, gender, and any other misguided social statuses, in exchange for the realization that all life on earth is tied together and that we are all essentially one organism, currently warring against and destroying itself, and it needs to stop.

dilated peoples
smif n wessun
black moon (enta da stage )
lords of the underground
method man & redman (blackout)

best out there

antipop are really good!

some underground rap from Naples

post-rap (??)
from Italy
Uochi Toki

That’s what I was getting at, thank you for elaborating.

I’m gonna hijack the thread with an ode to Niggy I wrote yesterday:

Permalink: http://bytesmasher.com/2009/04/01/niggy-ta…aordinary-plan/

Post a piece of poetry and get no replies? Pfft! I thought this was a forum full of artists :P

Poetry? This is HIPHOP ya’ll!

Kaken op mekaar
De baanbrekende, veelbetekenende en betekenisvolle mol
Is voor de lol de hol weer af gaan rollen, als rijpe knollen in de wei
rollen wij er blij een rijmpje bij en niemand hoeft me te bedanken

Verankeren ze de belangen van maatschappelijk verlangen
Langs de langste weg naar Rome
Hoe ver willen we komen?
De komende komkommertijden van welleer
Dezelfde cirkel wikkelt zich keer op keer weer om de strot
Van ons aller lot

Ik lach me kapot, ik schaam me rot om wat we verloren
Ziel verkocht en verknocht aan loze woorden, hapklaar
Blijkbaar bijna halfgaar tot waar zij ons willen hebben
Te snel en zonder stempel snellen polderrebellen zelden zonder zorgen
Stovend stormend over morgen mondend in geborgen
Ronde kale kopzorgen

En prachtig, weldoordachte en waarachtig bemiddelende woorden
Vinden nooit een weerwoord
Zonder multimedianalytocologicatechnisch advies
Dus ik kies tussen rood, wit of blauw
Te lauwe pata’s kil, die willen we allemaal
Hoeveel heb je betaald? Weer een levensdoel behaald?
Kruip je met me mee door het oog van de naald?
Niemand heeft me ooit nog uit het hooi gehaald

Je hebt gefaald
Geen zorgen, geen hond die daar om maalt
Geen ziel die het verhaalt, of vertaald
Niet betaald, maar wel de kranten haalt

We doen het samen, beramen verbale aanslagen
Zonder ons te verlagen tot afgezaagd belagend
Beledigend verbaal kabaal, ik wil verhaal
Plotontwikkeling, geen verheerlijking want zonder weerzin
Heb ik er zin in
Ik doe mijn ding, doe jij de jouwe?