Hiphop Leads?

Anyone know how to those high pitched hiphop leads, like dr dre always uses, can you do stuff like this in renoise and also can you do those detuned pianos also like aphex twin uses ect? I think it’s something to do with the glide of the notes but is it possible in Renoise :yeah:

To make a Druqks style detuned piano you’d need to get a real piano and stick nuts and bolts and shit inbetween the strings like John Cage.

As for the leads, that type of stuff just sounds like a sine wave gliding between the notes, use a VST synth like Voyager or do it all in renoise with ‘glide to note’.

Step 1: Grab the free MDA:JX-10 synth from
Step 2: Load it into Renoise and select the “Gangsta Whine” preset
Step 3: Have fun :)

Here’s a little something I cooked up earlier for someone else who was asking about the same sound, but used by Eazy E:

For a free prepared piano VSTi, check out:

man, i completely forget the name of the synthe dre & suge used a bit!
was it a casio?

Love that sound!

Didn’t Dre and Tupac use that one in California Love as well?