Hiss After Vst Playback In 1.9 B7

Hi I’m new to Renoise, coming from an FL Studio background, and I’ve never had any problems similar to this before.

I’ve been using Renoise since 1.9 b5 and I’ve just started trying to use VST instruments in my productions, however every now and then after playback a short hiss comes through the VST and master channel. I’ve rendered a copy of a pattern and the hiss even comes through that!

I tried to recreate the same problem in FL Studio using the same computer, soundcard, plugins and settings but it only happens in Renoise?!

Any ideas please? It’s so annoying!

Here’s a clip of the hiss in action: http://www.sendspace.com/file/468mka


Cheers guys, I think it’s the plugins that come shipped with FL Studio that are the problem, I’m investigating right now =)