Hitori Tori Live Jam At 440 Bpm

A friend recorded me warming up for the Memetic Festival gig that I’m playing tonight. Just thought I’d share this video that was recorded last night in my hotel room. (warning: this video contains tracker speeds that may be too dizzying for some viewers- viewer discretion is advised)

super powers

great stuff!

You must be running a powerful computer running 3 renoises live + screen capturing software?

Hoho this is fast, but it sounds nice considering 440bpm :)

Nice jazzy acid bassline(Y) And ofcause I love your live playing skills!

awesome :D

Cheers. For some reason this capturing software is just really stable. It’s called ‘screenflow’ and it’s only for macs unfortunately. I’ve got 2 gigs of ram and a 2.4 intel processor in this machine. My god I couldn’t believe how well renoise performed last night during my set. Totally solid for an hour and a half and never even stuttered when I was re-loading songs into the different instances. Yay renoise!!

excellent info! good to know that my live-act could be done with renoise :)

Yup the show was AWESOME! To bad there wern’t more Renoisers there… LOVING the jam Jules!!



Thanks for the kind words Kyle! I had such a blast meeting you and playing in Winnipeg.
Here’s a live video clip from the show that someone sent to me. They must have put the camera on the speaker so it looks pretty crazy when the bass oscilates it :w00t:

Yeah I seen that on FB LOL! ITS AWEOPSME!! I think Skot did that =P Honestly im glad they did though kuz it gives a knarly effect =)

MAD respect.

I just wish you had a different experience with our lovley promoters and bar owners ;) lol!

On a note to everyone, If you have a chance to see him live I would HIGHLY recomend it. I had so much fun watching the screen and the awe in peoples faces at our fuckijng pWning program <3 People were like “man i think I know how he’s doing it” then come up with some REDICULIOUS answer and I would just smile and nod. lol…

Also Fishhead was wearing a ‘Radio Graffiti’ Octamed skull shirt… so there was even MORE support for renoise!! He blasted some AWEOSME classic hardcore! UGH! the whole night was aweosme… PERIOD!

…fuck it, I love renoise! lol!