Hive wavetable presets do not load correctly (Linux)

On Ubuntu I’m having some issues with loading presets with wavetables. Sometimes the presets are only loaded correctly when I open the GUI of Hive. Hive 8676 is working fine and the problem shows up only with newer versions. Here is what’s happening

Is anyone observing this as well? It’s happening with VST 2 and VST3 versions of Hive. U-he is aware of this but only me seems to have this problem.

I made a complete new installation on a Lenovo T440P laptop running MX-21.2.1_x64 Wildflower.

Problem is still present with Hive 12092 and Renoise 3.4.2 :(

Before I was using a different PC. So it’s very unlike that it’s a rare issue.

Old issue, Hive only loads presets correctly when GUI is openend in Renoise - u-he Linux support Forum - KVR Audio