Hmmm New Track

Just wanted to share a new track I made.
Andy kind of Feedback is very much appreciated.

thx for listening

This is a really good track… Its got very good high frequency stuff going on, and the beat evolves… Which, imo, is not so easy to do. All in all, I really liked this, so I will provide some feedback below:

  1. The chord structure is great for this housy/jazzy stuff, but I think some automation motifs could help keep the ear interested in some parts, where you are getting used to the harmony a little.

  2. I listened on my monitors, and they are exposing some low frequency mud, that I think would cause trouble on a big huge system… Its coming from the way some of the filter envelopes are set up on your synths, but its hard to pinpoint from just a listen… I think you should go back through the project, and solo each track, and listen to these, “low frequency gusts,” for lack of a better phrase, and decide how they can be removed or better managed… maybe with a hp filtering somewhere.

  3. This is totally opinion, some may agree, some may disagree… but I found the bass too loud in the mix… I though it was invading the mids quite a bit… I would perhaps, lower the volume of the bass, and even though it did sound eq’d to me… I am not sure where or how you eq’d it… might want to brush up on bass eq technique…

  4. I like the snappiness of that kick drum! I liked it a lot… but I am just wondering if it has enough thump in its tail.

Ok then… I am aware that this is a bit much feedback… I hope you take it ok… its meant as constructive. I think you are definitely on your way with some good music… PS… I forgot to mention… I was looking to hear a bit more percussion in some places…

ok… I shut up… LOL

Great job btw


I think the problem with the bass eqing you are referring to comes from the synths filter.
Since I just recorded the bassline into renoise at home but finished the thing on the go with my headphones I couldnt hear that muddyness going on there.
But Im at home just listening to it realizing that your propably right eventhough I dont think it would have bothered me much without having read your feedback on it.
Now it really does and I think I`m gonna put some touches to it again.

thx for the detailed feedback.
you really helped me with it on this one

new version with some finishing touches