i had an idea to go searching renoise on subvert central’s forum, and then went to plant mu’s forum to mess around an maybe post music then i saw this thread:

then i realize hey, this is what people think.

i really don’t get the idea about the interface being like excel 97, this’s mindlessly numb to me. i think it looks futuristic! -and in so many ways, i love it.

but of course i should remain subjective, in doing this.
an i’m curious if they would have an idea on how to make it not look like excel 97. anyway i think mining music forums who speak of renoise may just be an excellent way to see where the consensus on renoise is.
don’t actually partake in the thread, just view it so as to not create a bias and see what others think.
i guess it’s possible someone from here actually started that thread and is in the process of doing this directly.
which is indeed a good idea!
anyone else have any music forum threads, with people speaking about renoise with unbiased opinions?

you misread that:

whoops, had blinders on.

thanks for clearing that up!

so after that, the part about needing to move the cursor to input effects commands. did seem quite logical.

I read through it all too. I find it funny that people want things EXACTLY how the last program did it. I moved from ft2 -> It -> buzz -> modplug -> ableton -> Renoise. They all offer different solutions for the same problems and part of being a computer musician is embracing that research, learning, unique samples take up more time then actual writing (get over it :P). It’s hard for me to hear that people can’t adapt to a new app because it’s going to be different, that’s really one thing you can count on that I think is freek’n wonderful. Don’t change a thing, because we can learn to change.


Not strictly a music forum but this is the tread that got me asking you guys for “emotional Renoise/tracker music” a while ago.…=1&t=156917

Squatski (mentioned on there) = Milkshake Man (or whatever his name is) on here.

Hunz: I agree, but still the ModPlug edit mode would be a good addition as an option for some users; even users who never used Modplug before could find it to be a more natural way of editing. I would personally hate it :)