Ho do i make this sound?: Toto - Africa

how to make Brassy Synth http://youtu.be/FTQbiNvZqaY

Also what are your opinions on how powerfull is renoise as a synth does it have any mayjor limitations?

If you can’t afford the real thing, then this should do the trick: Arturia CS-80 V, that brass sound is afaik the first few brass presets from Yamaha CS-80’s presets with slight detuning. If you want to do the sound all by yourself, you could get a few hints from eg. this video (video title quite self-explanatory: The TOTO - AFRICA brass sound tutorial)

As for the other question, Renoise as a synth does have one major limitation: it’s not a synth.

Most brass synth patches are just a detuned or chorused saw waveform, with an envelope assigned to lowpass filter.

Thanks - i think its a great sampler though :-0)

You could consider Renoise to be a moderately powerful synth, in that you can draw waveforms, apply filters to them, envelopes etc etc…and that’s not even getting into track dsp’s yet =)

Renoise yet lacks a few essential things (specially a release- and velocity dependend filter envelope) to recreate this sound properly with the native sampler.

Here’s a simple way to get at least close to it, without too much effort: TotoBrass.xrns

Because of the filter attack it’d be a good idea to put some negative delay on the track, if you use this within a song.


@ Bit_Arts: did you just misplace that one note to not get DMCA’d?

Nope, that’s just a quantization fault. I left it in, because I think it sounds more “alive”.

Here’s a second take on the sound, on which I tried to be a bit more accurate on the actual frequency spectrum. Also removed the occurring phase deletion. I guess, that’s pretty close now. Still, a really proper envelope design sadly isn’t possible.


That’s pretty damn close, nice job!

Well it’s indeed a very good job BA
Using the notes from his xrns I’ve made one of my own; 0311-example.xrns
Sounds pretty brassy but not close like Baracus’.

Ah, that brass reminds me of a early 80’s song ;) Let’s not even get into how you go about filling that damn gap afterwards! :)


Whole pattern completely arranged in Renoise… :)
Toto Brass… one step further XRNS

BitArt’s is fairly accurate, I gave a shot at it with the trusty old Synth1, https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/72386143/Sound/africa%20synth.xrns

Hard to get those harmonics to sound exactly right.

Wow! Fairly accurate reproduction, I’d say too. Good thing I can’t remember the lyrics…
(or I’d be singing them out loud)