Ho do I undo in the sample editor

I’ve been using Renoise rewired into Pro Tools and I’m finding the routing cumbersome so I’m checking out Redux with Plogue Bidule to streamline things. Great so far except for a huge showstopper. I can’t for the life of me figure out how to undo in the sample editor. The Undo box is ticked but control Z does nothing and I can’t find anything on the interface of another command in the prefs. I feel so dumb! Can someone help? Thanks!

Okay, in case someone else runs into this: After some digging I finally found the entry in the preferences for “ctrl z” as the assigned shortcut. I changed the shortcut and it works fine now with the new shortcut but I couldn’t get “control z” to work on two different systems. If anyone else has any insights it would be appreciated. Thanks!

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