Ho HO HO!! Is santa early on this year?

I visit this site twenty times in a day, if renoise 1.2 is released and NO… ITS STILL NOT :blink: It drives me nutzo!
I can’t wait! I don’t want to be patient! I want it now! :P New features looks like brilliant to me!! Can’t wait when I can try out!

Don’t tell me I have to wait for the christmas! I just bought twenty new instrument CDs and I want to
:drummer: and :guitar: and :yeah: :yeah: :yeah: - with Renoise 1.2 :)

You guys are doing just great job! All the best for you!

I’ll second that B)

Talk about being anxious… :P

Feel the same way! Renoise R-O-X!!!

Say hello to the band:
:drummer: :guitar: :lol:
and the renoise-fans (too many to list):
:yeah: :yeah: :yeah: :yeah: :yeah:

all i can tell we are working like mad.

current status?

user pages are completely dismantled (offline), taktik is preparing beta for regged users and new payment service is about to start working.

stay tuned, each of this will be announced with following fireworks, horns, etc… shortly!

Aaargh now he said it! Now I’ll check these pages 40 times / day! :P

the same here…